Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Eyelet Go of the Dream

When Sarah, the first of my siblings announced that she was expecting a baby, I thought, “Yea! A new generation to sew for.” So I immediately began accumulating eyelet. My head was full of all the gorgeous girly things I could spin all that eyelet into. First would be the pearly white christening gown with a long cascading flow of eyelet and lace. Second, there would be a crawler with ruffled green eyelet bloomers followed by a first birthday dress in pink eyelet with an extra pouffy skirt. Then a red eyelet Christmas dress followed by a baby blue eyelet romper for Easter egg hunting. Yards and yards of girly cuteness.

Well, it’s been six years and four of my siblings now have kids. All…boys. Bah!!! I stumbled upon my stash of eyelet the other night. I was about to mourn the fact that I have no nieces and then I thought, the heck with it. I’m cute! I’ll make some things for me!

Pajamas! My requirements for pajamas are simple. One, I don’t like being constricted. I absolutely cannot wear those godawful nightgowns that button all the way up the neck and button down at the wrist and hang al the way to the ankles. Gack! I also hate wearing undies to bed. As a four year old I know once told me, “Sometimes you have to let your crotch air out.” (Gotta love a four year old). Unfortunately, the houses in my neighborhood are very close together. So I also need to find a balance between proper coverage and unrestricted comfort.

I decided on a pants set from Simplicity, #4792. I thought the design would work perfectly with eyelet. The pattern is super easy. I made the pants in about 45 minutes after adapting the pattern to be ankle length. The top went together just as easily. The most time consuming part was making homemade bias binding for the arm holes. There are no zippers, snaps or closures which I love. Top slips on over the head and pants have an elastic waste. The white eyelet came from the fabric store and the green is a border print I found at a thrift store.

In time I hope to show you what I do with the rest of my eyelet. I have one in black and two color-on-white prints that I want to turn into summer tops. I also have a cute white one that I'm hoping to make into a vintage chemise.

But just watch…Now that almost all my eyelet is turning into stuff for me, one of my sisters will announce she’s pregnant with a girl.


  1. Yes, sometimes it is best to wait until the UltraSound comes back. And sometimes it is nice to sleep in the nude. But all other times eyelet my whim decide. What WILL you think of next, Twill Jill?

  2. i love the pj's they are cute and sexy at the same time. i so wish i had time to sew...