Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tie one On

Tonight I babysat a nephew, My Dear-0. He looked far too casual so I decided to make him a tie. A few months ago I was on the lookout for old ties at the thrift store for a yet-to-do project.

I found all these stuffed in a bag for $5. Added bonus, it was half off day. Forty-seven old ties for $2.50!

First, I took the tie and wrapped it around My Dear-O to see how much length I need. You have to remember to leave enough length to allow for the knot! (I didn't on my first try which is why this awesome green tie didn't make it to the final product).

If you look at a tie, both ends are pointy. The fatter point is the part that the man wears facing out. What I'm doing is using the smaller point as the front of my nephew's tie. So, once I figured how long I need it, I cut off the excess on the bigger end.

You can see that the new end is actually wider than the front of the tie.

If this is the case, then open it up a little and trim out some of the interfacing and seam allowance to reduce the bulk. The back of a tie is typically handsewn but I just machine sealed it because, heck, it'll be the back anyway. And a 19-month old doesn't care if seams show anyway. I'm holding part of the interfacing that I cut out just to give an idea of how much I cut out. And you can see in this picture, that I used a pin to remind myself not to stitch the back seam all the way up to the top so I have room to flip the raw edges in for finishing.

I turned the raw edges in and finger pressed them as I stitched it shut. And now My Dear-O can tie one on. Actually two:

Casual Guy (with supper splotched on his jeans)

Party Guy (dancing on Auntie's table with one shoe shoe on and one shoe off):

Typical male...two minutes with these ties on and he's already feeling choked.

Is that him making the "noose" motion at only 19 months old!? Just like a boy...

These could also be a cool Daddy/Son project as I saw on one blog (from before I needed to cite properly) where the mom bought two ties. She kept one for Dad and converted the second into one for Jr. so they both had a matching set.

Clearly My Dear-O is the son of a fashionista. He found my heels and he was actually walking in them better than some women do!

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  1. That is such a cute project! And what a handsome mini model you had to work with. Cute little muse. ;p